WALNUTZ is not responding to commands, what do I do? Trying the following

1. Check if WALNUTZ has the Read and Send Messages permissions, as well as Embed links in that channel.
2. Do @WALNUTZ prefix and see if you're using the correct prefix.
Who does WALNUTZ consider Moderator and Administrator? Administrators are users with the permission Administrator
Why can't I see my server in the dashboard? Make sure you're logged onto the right Discord account and make sure you have the Manage server or Administrator permission in that server
Why won't WALNUTZ assign roles Discord works on a role heiarchy and requires someone to have a physically higher role in order to give the role below it.
Make sure that WALNUTZ has a higher role than the assigned roles
How can I donate? You can donate here
What are the benefits of WALNUTZ Deluxe Deluxe benefits include higher speed and performance, better uptimes, fewer/quicker restarts for updates, less downtime, unlimited song/play length, youtube live-counter, and more things we can't add to the public WALNUTZ for performance and cost purposes
How do I submit a feature/feedback/bug request to the developers? You can use the website here or the command; /feedback [message]